Case Studies

Case studies – do I need an advisor?

There are many reasons to see a financial advisor.

Whether you are just getting started as an earner or coming to the end of a long career as a high net worth individual, it is always a good time to see a financial advisor to ensure your financial plan makes sense.

My spouse and I made some lucky investments in risky weed stocks

My spouse and I made some lucky investments in risky weed stocks but still owed tens of thousands in student loans and had three children to support. After graduation I started a new job in a big city and we couldn’t decide whether to rent or own. With debt, stocks, kids, and other things going on, we had options, but they were overwhelming. We wanted to see the big picture clearly.”

I was making minimum wage

I was making minimum wage. I had no savings account. My credit card went into collections. It was hard to imagine a better financial future. Now I’m improving my credit. I have an automatic savings plan. I’m spending less and budgeting more. My accounts are growing. I needed a change and wanted to develop some better money habits. That’s why I contacted a financial advisor.”

I had recently retired

I had recently retired from the auto sector. I once owned real estate but after I divorced, I lost everything. I only had a modest pension and two hundred thousand in an RRSP. I wasn’t sure whether it would be enough. My financial advisor helped me analyze my situation and plan my next steps.

Working with a financial advisor can increase your financial confidence and financial well-being.