Choosing an Advisor

Choosing an advisor

So you’ve decided to see an advisor. Good!

But there are different kinds of advisors. Do you know which one you need?

  1. Insurance specialists can help you choose insurance solutions that fit your life.
  2. Financial planners are trained to help you make a plan to fulfil on your financial goals, taking into account life’s many moments of transition, including finishing school, starting a family, buying a house, and retiring.
  3. Banks’ customer service representatives can help you open an account, apply for a loan or mortgage, and learn about some investment products, like GIC’s.
  4. Mutual fund representatives can tell you about the mutual funds they are licensed to sell. Make sure to learn about mutual fund fees before buying, these can add up quickly.
  5. Brokerage firms’ investment representatives are licensed to buy and sell investments like stocks and bonds for you, keep in mind they also charge fees.

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Make sure to pick the advisor who’s right for you. Always feel free to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. Here are some questions for your advisor to get you started. And here’s some handy information about the different designations advisors have.