2023 Financial Literacy Month

About Financial Advice for All

During the month of November, financial services organizations throughout Canada participate in Financial Literacy Month. 

Now in its fifth year of operation as one of the best family and consumer resources for financial literacy in the country, Financial Advice for All is an award-winning campaign brought to you by Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

This year’s campaign theme, Coming Back Stronger: Emerging Together During Inflationary Times, considers how inflation is contributing to or influencing the financial decisions of Canadians. Our guest contributors will explore topics such as the new FHSA, artificial intelligence, inflation and its impact on spending, financial literacy in the homeownership process, and supporting females & newcomers to Canada.

Bridging the Financial Gap: Financially Empowering Women and New Canadians

In a landscape historically dominated by men, entering the financial realm may feel like stepping into uncharted territory for many women says Tara Lalehparvar. The good news according to Lalehparvar, is that times are changing, and inclusivity and diversity are becoming integral to reshaping the financial industry.

Financial Literacy Month Podcast Episode – Investing in your clients: Why Financial Education is Key for Canadians

Host Kelly Gustafson is joined by Saskia Vermeulen, Melissa Harrell and Chyanne Hodgson to discuss positive PR for financial advisors in support of Canadian consumers, strategies they can share with their clients & the importance of working with a professional financial advisor or financial planner.

Navigating Your Finances When Moving Out for the First Time

Moving out for the first time can be such an exciting experience full of newfound independence and endless possibilities. But if you move out before you’re in a position to support yourself, you may not have what it takes to succeed financially. Delta Sciur shares some financial aspects to keep in mind when making this major life transition.

Instagram Live Replay: Money Moves in Today’s Day and Age

Is inflation just a numbers game or does it hold deeper societal implications for Canadians? Advocis brought in the experts to answer that question & much more for our 2023 Financial Literacy Month Instagram Live, as we hosted Bronwynne Harvey, Naunidh S. Hunjan and Alyssa Anderson for a jam packed informational session!

Adopting a Fresh Perspective: How Millennials Can Save for Desires, Not Just Necessities

Balancing your financial priorities as a Millennial doesn’t mean sacrificing your desires, but it may involve sacrificing the expenditures that don’t fully serve you. Cindy Marques explore 5 steps that Millennials can take to set aside money for desires rather than just the basic costs of living.

Balancing Tech and Touch: Building Financial Literacy in the AI Age

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, AI stands at the forefront, shaping countless industries and influencing our daily lives. The financial services industry is being impacted even more as young Canadians navigate AI-driven tools and platforms. Ray Adamson and Emily Reed highlight what this means for traditional financial education, and discuss how AI is enhancing/challenging the norms.

FHSAs: Helping you buy your first home!

The tax-free First Home Savings Account (“FHSA”) gives prospective first-time home buyers the ability to save up to $40,000 on a tax-free basis towards the purchase of a first home in Canada. Jamie Golombek and Debbie Pearl-Weinberg answer some of the most pressing questions we’ve all been receiving about the FHSA.

Press Release: As inflationary pressures grow, Canadians increasingly struggle to make monthly mortgage & credit card payments

Canadians of all ages are feeling the pinch of inflation, and according to a Financial Literacy Month poll from Advocis, a significant number of Canadians are facing steep financial challenges as a result of increased interest rates and a looming recession, leading to an inability to meet their monthly financial obligations and payments.

Advocis and Digital Human Library Partner to Bring Financial Literacy to K-12 Students

Advocis is proud to announce its newest partnership with Digital Human Library (dHL). This partnership will pair working financial advisors and Members of Advocis who volunteer their time in classrooms with the education programs, Q&As, career talks and/or mentorships facilitated and offered by dHL for online or in-person sessions.

Advocis supports ‘First-of-its-kind Industry Summit’ aimed to provide forum for newcomer financial advisors

The Financial Summit for Newcomer Advisors served as a first-of-its kind forum to foster insightful discussions, exchange experiences, and collectively develop strategies to assist newcomer financial professionals in navigating the complexity of becoming employed in Canada’s financial services sector.

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