2019 Financial Literacy Month

2019 Financial Literacy Month

Take Charge of Your Finances

Start with a Budget

(Nov 3-9)

According to surveys, only around a third of all households live by a strict budget. Budgeters are almost twice as likely to report no financial worries compared with spenders, and they’re less likely to live paycheck to paycheck or struggle with finances.

Be a Smart Financial Consumer

(Nov 17-23)

SMART is an acronym which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. In the end you’ll be watching your money grow as you invest to reach longer-term objectives.

Set Financial Goals

(Nov 10-16)

Perhaps you’d like to take a vacation next summer. Or, maybe you hope to go back to school in the next five years. Whatever your goals might be, you have a better chance of achieving them if you write them down. As you list your goals, divide them into three categories: short-term, medium-term and long-term.

Borrow Money Wisely

(Nov 24-30)

  1. Identify a variety of sources and institutions that lend money.
  2. Evaluate the terms of the available loans.
  3. Know how to calculate the cost of credit.
  4. Determine your own debt limit.

Financial Literacy on Social Media

“Every major financial crisis leads to a rise in succession planning among advisors,” says George Hartman, President and CEO of Market Logics Inc. The pandemic has caused experienced advisors to consider passing the baton on to the next generation.

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About Financial Literacy Month

During the month of November, financial services organizations throughout Canada will be participating in Financial Literacy month. Created by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, the goal of this initiative is to share information that will help Canadians achieve their financial goals, including managing debt wisely, saving for the future, and understanding their rights and responsibilities.

Throughout November, Canadian organizations combine to educate and engage the public regarding the need for financial literacy and to promote several different services. The overall theme for the month is “Take charge of your finances.”

If you’re interested in learning more about financial literacy, check out the resource tools on our website or listen to our latest podcast. Want to put your knowledge to test?  Check out this 30-day challenge and see if you’re ready to take control of your finances. Once you cross the finish line on November 30, write to us and tell us about your experience. This is your chance to have your story featured on our FAFA podcast, website or social media.