Join Advocis for our 2023 FinLit Twitter ‘X’ Chat!

Advocis' Financial Literacy Month Chat

Participate in Advocis’ Twitter ‘X’ Chat for Financial Literacy Month!


Join Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada in a Twitter ‘X’ Chat for Financial Literacy Month 2023! We look forward to kickstarting an insightful and informative conversation for the second consecutive year with financial advisors, advisory firms, and other financial literacy groups on how we can all work towards building greater financial literacy across Canada!


When: Thursday, November 23 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Where: Join us on Twitter ‘X’ using your personal or organizational account.

Hashtag: Use the hashtags #AdvocisFLM23Chat and #FLM2023 to join and follow along in the conversation.


Advocis will moderate the discussion and push the conversation forward on using the questions and statistics below. Please join us by responding to as many of them as you can (remember to pass your answers through company compliance beforehand if needed), and don’t forget to use the hashtags #AdvocisFLM23Chat and #FLM2023 in every tweet!

Q1: In 2022, an Advocis poll found that 43% of financial advisors indicated the fear of an overall economic recession was the top concern for their clients. How has this shifted in 2023? #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Q2: What aspects of financial literacy do you think would best highlight the value and expertise that a financial advisor can provide in challenging economic times?  #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Q3: In 2022, an Advocis poll found that 73% of financial advisors reported their clients were dealing with inflation by cutting back on the purchase of food, clothing and general impulse items – has this become any more specific with your clientele in 2023? #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Q4: In a rapidly changing world, what do you believe is the most important aspect of financial literacy that kids and teens should be developing? #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Q5: In 2022, an Advocis poll found that 40% of financial advisors indicated their clients were increasingly shopping at discount stores and buying unbranded items. Have there been any other new and popular ways of shopping for clients to save money in 2023? #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Q6: What is the single biggest obstacle to Canadians developing greater financial literacy, and how could it be overcome? #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Q7: In 2022, an Advocis poll found that 52% of financial advisors reported their clients were cutting back on holiday spending. Are cutbacks now going beyond the holidays for clients as well? How are consumers preparing for the Holiday Season this December? #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Q8: If resources were no object, what would be the best way to increase financial literacy for all Canadians? #AdvocisFLM23Chat #FLM2023


Have a question about joining the Twitter ‘X’ Chat or need a calendar invite to remind you to join on the day of? Reach out to Lucas Di Rocco, Corporate Communications Specialist at Advocis.  

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