Advocis supports ‘First-of-its-kind Industry Summit’ aimed to provide forum for newcomer financial advisors

Images supplied by 369Konnect. From left to right: Lucas Di Rocco (Corporate Communications Specialist, Advocis), Sarah Nazari (Business Development Coordinator, Advocis) at RBC Waterpark Place in Downtown Toronto. With files from Wealth Professional Canada.

Advocis supports ‘First-of-its-kind Industry Summit’ aimed to provide forum for newcomer financial advisors

Starting your career in a new country can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. On Thursday, July 27th, Advocis had the pleasure of attending the very first Financial Summit for Newcomer Advisors as an Industry Partner.

As the introductory speaker, Executive Chairman of 369 Global, Muraly Srinarayanathas confidently asserted, “We believe in the incredible power and potential that newcomer skilled workers bring to Canada, and internationally trained finance professionals are no different. As we look at the increasingly porous global financial system, we have a unique opportunity to tap into the rich knowledge, strong experience, and deep networks that global finance professionals can bring to Toronto and other financial hubs across Canada.

“However, this can only happen if we empower them through innovative work-integrated training programs, coaching and mentorship, and workplace cultural sensitivity support that sets them up for success, which is why we are excited about this summit.”

From left to right: Vithu Ramachandran (moderator), Neelam Advani, Shaun Darchiville, and Fazaad Bacchus (Board Member for Advocis Peel-Halton)

This event was the perfect opportunity for aspiring financial advisors and key industry stakeholders to come together for a jam-packed afternoon of inspiring panels and networking. Attendees had the chance to hear from Advocis Members, financial services leaders, and thought leaders in the education space.

“You decide who you are, where you will work and how do you apply yourself? What is the common culture of the organization, adapt to it, and start moving forward. Let me tell you, by the yard, it’s hard, but anything inch by inch, it’s a cinch,” said Fazaad Bacchus from Desjardins Financial Securities.

Pat Dunwoody, Executive Director of the Canadian ETF Association

Looking for what Canadian companies can do to facilitate newcomers into wealth management, Pat Dunwoody, Executive Director of CETFA said:

“What we can do to support is to work with organizations like 369 Global, advocates and other organizations, and we will continue to do that. If their mission is what we believe in, then we’ll throw our hats behind it.

“It’s really a question of finding talent in newcomers and understanding the nuances of what they have and finding homes for them. Even if you’re hiring people that are taking a step back in terms of where their career previously was, firms should be able to lay out the plan for the employee for the next five years. The firm can outline the licensing or the courses an employee is expected to take, [and] the salary raises they could expect. That way new advisors can see their growth trajectory. Firms do have to think forward, in order for the new employee to plan out the next five years of their lives.”

Thematically, this event was focused on exchanging our own experiences and creating a dialogue to assist newcomer financial professionals to navigate the complexity of becoming employed in Canada’s financial services sector. Recognizing that our advisor community is a key pillar in driving culture and connection, we look to future collaborations to create a more welcoming, opportunistic environment for all newcomers to Canada!

Thank you to The Canadian ETF Association (CETFA), RBC, and 369 Global for organizing this wonderful afternoon.